Authors and Illustrators


Leah Vis

Ever since Leah’s first son was a baby, she found herself writing from a child-like and wonder-full perspective.  She joyfully steps into in a child’s shoes and shares their mind, heart, and sense of humor.  She encourages us all to let our imaginations have fun.  As she tells her stories, you will find yourself being taken away on the wings of all that could be!

Leah is the author of Our Heaven Baby.  This book tells the story of her family as they experienced miscarriage and also the hope of Heaven. 

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Aeron Brown

Aeron Razz Brown was born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California. At the passing of his father, Aeron was submersed in his father’s sketches, lyrics, and creativity at a young age. As any son does, Aeron wanted to connect with his father through the very few ways he knew how: art and music. Aeron started collaging his father’s scraps of artwork into his drawings and later on started collecting vintage, found objects onto his own hand-painted works of art. 

Aeron captures light and beauty with a modern indie style of acrylic paintings. He shares his vibrant, colorful creations all over Southern California and has now become a very well-established artist.